To make sure that you can enjoy knitwear made of cashmere, it shall suffice to observe a few basic rules.

  • Does my cashmere product need to be dry-cleaned?

    Products made of cashmere can either be sent for dry cleaning or washed at home. We would like to point out however that dry cleaning may be unproblematic and yields good results on one hand but on the other hand, it may affect the natural balance of precious natural fibres. You can easily wash knitted products yourself. For woven cashmere products such as a blanket or a pashmina, we recommend professional cleaning.

  • How do I wash my cashmere product?

    Wash it by hand or in a washing machine in the wool program at no more than 30 degrees, without rubbing it and using a special cashmere detergent such as Tene-Moll or Woolite. Always rinse in plenty of cold water without wringing or spinning. Remove excess water by gentle squeezing or by means of spinning at low speed setting. Lay out flat on terry towels and if required pull into shape and let dry. Never place close to radiators or direct sunlight. Do not hang up.

  • Why do cashmere sweaters get these pills or fuzz and how do I get rid of them?

    If you look at the outside of pure cashmere knitwear, you may notice an almost invisible fluff. This fluff consists of a slight surplus of cashmere wool fibres and exhibits some outstanding characteristics in small quantities as is the case with a first-class product. Through friction while wearing, these fine fibres close up together and form these ugly nodules. This phenomenon is called "pilling" and is to be considered normal when on a small scale. These nodules can be removed easily with a so-called lint comb or best after washing by hand. No fear, the loss of some fibres does not reduce the quality. After washing two or three times, the outer fibres spread and "pilling" is reduced to the final disappearance. Now the quality of cashmere knitwear stays unchanged and becomes more durable with every wash.

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