Repair service

Your favourite sweater has moth holes, it is too long, or you have no desire to wash it yourself?

  • Help, my favourite sweater has a hole!

    Do not worry, that does not mean that you have to throw it away. Most accidents can be made up for. If you do not want to do this yourself or do not know any invisible mending service, bring or send us the patients. We will have a look at it and advise you what to do. Our experienced dressmakers repair torn seams or conceals scuffed elbows with patches. Holes at visible areas require external invisible mending.

  • Help! My cashmere sweater has spots!

    Even in case of delicate clothing such as cashmere sweaters, it is possible to remove stains without damaging the fibres. Just dab a little cashmere detergent on the stain and let it act before washing it. Good dry cleaning will get most of the stain away. If you do not want to wash yourself, you may also send or drop off your product to us and we will clean it for you.

  • Help, my cashmere sweater has become too large for me!

    We would be happy to shorten the length for you or make any adjustments from the sides.

  • Our cashmere repair service

    Does your favourite sweater have a hole, stains or has it become too large on you? We would be happy to look at the patient and advise you what steps to take. Our experienced seamstress mends torn seams, covers worn-out elbows with patches and adjusts the sides. Holes at visible areas require external invisible mending. On request, we wash and also depill your sweater. And if the product can no longer be saved, you will find a worthy replacement in our large selection!